The Andover Volleyball Booster Club awards four $500 scholarships each year. Two scholarships are awarded to alumni attending post secondary schools, and two additional scholarships are awarded to the season’s seniors.

Recipients of the Senior scholarships are ineligible to win an alumni scholarship.

Senior Scholarship Recipients

2019     Grace Kelly and Brielle Danczyk

2018     Lauren Bedard and Paige Kringle

2017      Sarina Smith and Jessica Pleinis

2015      Hannah Peterson and Megan Reno

2014      Carol Svare and Hannah Wolfe

2013      Marissa McNallan and Maria Noel

2012      Kayt Turner and Angie Greene

2011      Hannah  Terhaar and Marissa Murdy

2010      Erica Turner and Allie Borchert

2009      Sarah Kurtovich and Shannyn Rosendahl

2008      Megan Carlson and Kiersten Richter

2007      Kayleigh Erickson and Samantha Neunsinger

2006      Megan Baartman and Kelly Sandstrom

2005      Ashley Carson and Karla Curless

Alumni Scholarship Recipients

2019      Bryana Leverentz (’18) and Janelle Rupkalvis (’11)

2015      Madison Hahn (’13) and Nicole Husfeldt (’10)

2014      Allie Trossen (’11) and Laura Peterson (’13)

2013       Nicole LaPage (’12) and Megan Schulz (’11)

2012       Brittney Bredemus (’11) and Bethany Peterson (’10)

2011      Jenna McNallan (’10) and Heidi Larsen (’07)

2010      Chayna Wold (’07) and Amanda O’Donnell (’08)

2009      Kristine Schonthaler (’06) and Melissa Larsen (’05)

2008      Briena Hawkins (’06) and Shelby Sand (’05)

2007      Brendean Stacklie (’05)

Alumni applications should be completed and submitted to Connie by July 1st, 2020.

Scholarship Application Form – Alumni

Senior applications are due each year in March – check for the due date when it draws near.

Scholarship Application Form – Seniors